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New Patient Referral Program

Share a smile, earn rewards

We know there are a lot of dental offices in the North Dallas area and we truly value your patronage and trust in selecting us as your dental provider. Your referrals and testimonials are the biggest compliments that we could receive. As a special thank you to all of our patients, Dr. Bridget Espanol invites you to take part in our dental referrals rewards program.

Simple program, huge rewards

Step 1: Refer a friend, family member, or a coworker. As long as the patient isn't already in our records, they qualify as a referral. Friends, coworkers, mom, dad, or kids. Just have them mention your name at their appointment, or click on "Refer Now" and fill out the information. 

Step 2: Sit back and relax. As soon as your referral has a successful appointment (full exam, x-ray and cleaning, or any visit resulting in dental treatment), we'll reach out to you to confirm the successful referral and provide instructions to claim your reward!

Step 3: Choose your reward. We have a variety of selections to choose from. 

  • $25 Gift Card. We'll continue to grow and expand this list  as we reach out to local businesses!

    • Amazon​

    • Various Restaurants (We'll provide you the full list at confirmation!)

    • Various Shops

  • 2 Zoom Whitening Syringes. If you don't have a tray already, just let us know and we'll get you fitted!

  • Donate your RewardWe're a huge believer in giving back to the community! Should you choose to donate your reward, we'll add $5 to the donation.

    • Choose from a list of non-profits and charities, or submit one of your choosing for approval!​

Special 5th Referral Offer!

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