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Insurance Information

Out-of-network doesn't mean out of benefits

Going to a non-contracted provider doesn't mean you will incur more out of pocket expenses. It makes little to no difference in a patient's out of pocket costs. Most insurances provide identical benefits to their patients whether they visit an in network or out of network dentist. Our office has chosen to remain out of network so that we can continue to offer our patients the high standards of care that may not be quite as possible as choosing to contact with the insurance companies. However, we've carefully tailored our costs to be in-line with the customary fees that have been outlined by the insurance providers. This way we can avoid surprise out of pocket fees. When you visit our office, we will still be able to verify, submit, and process your claims without any interruption to your service; this way our patients don't need to worry about the hassle of submitting a claim.

As of today, these are the PPO insurances that we are accepting out-of-network.

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